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Check Out Your Zodiac Signs & The Relations With Color
There is a deep relationship between chinese zodiac & western horoscope. As the chinese zodiac is based on year, and horoscope is based on month. It match the year & month of your birth more accurately. Check out your color now.

Chinese believe that these twelve animals had been summomed by the Heaven, and decided whoever came first, then whoever be the 1st of the wheel. There are believed that gives a magic power, matching with a color, according to the five elements of our life, "Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth". It may enchance your life and let your dreams come true. Let make our wish now.

Mouse - Pink - Elements: Water
Under Construction
Bull - Yellow - Elements: Earth
Under Construction
Tiger - Red - Elements: Woods
Under Construction
Rabbit - Purple - Elements: Woods
Under Construction
Dragon - Orange - Elements: Earth
Under Construction
Snake - Apple Green - Elements: Fire
Under Construction
Horse - Dark Green - Elements: Fire
Under Construction
Sheep - Blue - Elements: Earth
Under Construction
Monkey - Brown - Elements: Gold
Under Construction
Chicken - Lilac - Elements: Gold
Under Construction
Dog - Clear - Elements: Earth
Under Construction
Piggy - Sapphire -Elements: Water
Under Construction
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